North York General's Emergency Medicine Update EMU 365

Videos of some of our premier plenary speakers will be released periodically to bring you Emergency Medicine Update, year round! Be a part of our growing community and keep up-to-date with the latest from some of the greatest speakers in Emergency Medicine.

EMU 2020 | Status Epilepticus
Justin Morgenstern
EMU 2020 | Optimizing Performance
Sara Gray
EMU 2020 | STEMI-ish
David Carr
EMU 2020 | Child Abuse in the ED
Anthony Crocco
Nightmares in Infectious Disease

Leeor Sommer

Best Articles of the Year

Justin Morgenstern

Patients Presenting in Extremis Part 1
Mike Betzner
Pediatric Elbow Nightmares

Arun Sayal

Pro-tips for Pediatric EM in your ED

Sara Reid

Pediatric Panel

Anthony Crocco, Farhan Bhanji, Angelo Mikrogianakis