This week we’ll set you up for success with some extra focus on the warmup. Plan for your main workout on relatively flat ground if possible. Ideally, you will have measured out a 1 mile distance* in advance (FYI – four laps of a 400m track = 1 mile. Easy peasy if you are near a school) but any clear path which is relatively flat will do.
Ok folks! Get yourself dressed for the elements and ready for the pavement with the steps outlined below.

*Remember, warming up is a great way to transition from
the rest of your day and help to prevent injury.


*If you are breathing hard while stretching it’s ok to stop and catch your breath. Five minutes well spent!

1. 15 minutes “easy effort” to arrive at starting point for workout
Option A – brisk walk or “trot”
Option B – light continuous jogging

  • It’s ok to be slightly cold at first
  • If you can’t converse in full sentences you should slow down
  • Alternatively, you can stop, catch your breath, start out a bit slower
  • Stop and catch your breath after 15 minutes or so
  • Repeat some or all the stretches if your legs still feel tight
  • If you’re too hot now is a good time to take off a layer of clothing

2. 1 mile workout – get your watch ready and record your time

Option A – Increase your brisk walk to a pace which you can sustain but is not painful. You may even alternate running for short periods with walking. Try and keep the pace right to the end.
Option B – Run 1 mile at a pace which you think you can hold. It’s normal to be excited and start out too fast. Don’t sprint at the beginning! Run at a pace where your breathing is fast but still under control – remember you can always speed up for the second half.

3. 15 minutes “easy”
Catch your breath before setting out on your 15 minute cool down at your “easy” pace. You’re in the home stretch now!

* In Google maps, if you press and hold on your phone it will show
the distance from your current location

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